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Our solutions for retail are uniquely addresses specific business needs that are not commonly addressed by other software solutions. It was specifically designed for retail business; extending omni-channels marketing through, extensive customer loyalty and highly effective retention tools.

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Advanced Customer Loyalty solution for retailers
xLoyal is one of a kind solution that is specifically developed for retailers and malls. It can guide you through the myriad of decisions that need to be made ensuring that your customer-focused program will provide maximum knowledge and returns possible. 

Advanced Pointing System
Having a rule based engine, you can encourage your customers to earn more points by direct their spending to specific products, branches or even customer related activities to drive more engagement
  • Automatic calculation and recognition of customer rewards pointing system
  • Grant your customer web and mobile interfaces to  enhance customer engagement
  • Agile and Flexible integration with multiple commerce channels
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Simple and easy-to-use gift card app so your customers can buy digital gift cards directly from your existing website or dedicated mobile app. You have complete control over shopper experience, branding and integration to your favorite payment gateway. The solution also includes all the tools you need to manage the redemption process from participating venues.


  • Gift card management is easy with our plug-and-play solution that integrates with your website, email, online payment systems and social media.
  • Stay up-to-date on all gift card statuses while inbuilt reporting helps provide insight into popularity, sales and redemption. Available in your localized currency and automated through your POS, gift card management has never been easier.
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360 degree Powerful Raffle Management  Solution
eRaffle® introduces many configuration options that help you to control all raffle operations from a single screen:
  • Locations: if you run a multi-location business, you can run a raffle in one or more locations simultaneously
  • Participating Venues: you can select from your venues (shops) catalogue who will be participating in this raffle, only invoices from selected venues will be accepted in the raffle.
  • Participation Control: Many options to control how your shoppers will earn their e-coupons:
    • Spending Amount: set the value of each coupon
    • Carry Forward Purchase Amount: you can allow shoppers to keep the remaining amounts from previous purchases as a balance until they complete the required value for a coupon
    • Carry Forward Coupons: If a coupon didn’t win in the current draw, you can select an option to keep it active in future draws
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Random Picker helps you draw winners for your contests, giveaways or raffles. The platform is the world's most used independent service for unregulated draws