Manage Learning & Training Processes with ease

Our solutions for education offer a blended learning platform delivering academic support tools which is becoming crucial for all the colleges and universities.

It also caters for professional training institutes, where corporate and individual training processes are incorporated within the learning management experience.
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University LMS

EduMAX® University Edition

EduMAX® blends a complete learning platform delivering academic support tools which is becoming crucial for all the colleges and universities. EduMAX® LMS helps you stay on cutting edge of education technology and save cost. A total value that contains Learner Portfolio, Student Portal, LMS with built-in systems such as CRM, Video conferencing, productivity tools, mobile apps and more…

Manage and develop your education policy by gaining insight into both quantitative and qualitative information. EduMAX® delivers the tools necessary for educational planning, policy formulation, decision making and resource allocation in a systematic and organized manner. EduMAX® covers all aspects of your learning process cycle.

  • Powerful Learning Management Solution
  • Powerful analytics and reporting
  • Endless integration possibilities
  • Omni-channel communication with social engagement
  • Easy to use interface and support for familiar tools
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Corporate Training

EduMAX® Corporate Edition

360 degree digital access control platform for residential compounds.

EduMAX® Corporate training is the enterprise learning management system engineered to support the most demanding and complex learning ecosystems.

Gain a  snap-in overview of all your training operations and employees feedback of the training quality all in one screen. The system comes pre-loaded with many charts about scheduling, registrations, attendance, feedback and more. However, it’s also very easy for an end user to build his own charts and dashboards.  Along with built-in course with skill-set management that accommodate vital and valuable business information:
  • Course approval cycle, from R&D to execution process
  • Integrated ROI Analysis of each course
  • Integrated online resources for additional course information
  • Integrated skills management with linked library to help you profiling course prerequisites as well as earned skills after the training

AlsoGet learners and instructors engaged easily with multiple devices that will help you working together to:
  • Collect training needs through online survey that automatically fed to the system helping you to build your combined TNA
  • Capture attendance and feedback directly through mobile devices
  • Integrate with your own corporate portals for ease of use